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Volunteers counted by partner organization for outside funds

We have partnered with another non profit that already received a small grant from a separate entity to cover supplies needed for our 9/11 service project this year, and they are required to report the number of volunteers engaged, primarily veterans. The volunteers using their supplies have been included in our estimate for engaging volunteers on 9/11 because it is a joint effort between both of our organizations for volunteer recruitment. Can we count the volunteers they are reporting to their other funder in our 10th Anniversary Challenge? If not, we will need to revise our estimated number of volunteers. Thank you!


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    As long as the volunteers aren't counted twice for our Challenge that is fine.

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    During the telephone conference, someone from CNCS clarified that if a volunteer participated in two separate activities, for instance one activity on Saturday and a different service activity on Sunday, we could count that volunteer twice -- one time for each activity.

    This has not changed, correct?

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    You are correct, but please make sure that you document the events separately – meaning separate registration documents – and that the volunteer(s) are aware of this in case they are contacted for verification. However what I was responding to above was about two different organizations in the Challenge counting the same volunteer.

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