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Concept Paper - Structure Questions

Thank you for this opportunity. I have two initial questions:

1) We have over a 100 organizations involved. If we list all of them, it will take up half, if not more, of the 1000 word limit. Is there another way we can provide the names of our partner organizations so that we can focus more on what we are doing in the concept paper?

2) Is it acceptable to include a table in the concept paper? You are able to still count the words within the table. The table assists the reader read about our projects. For example, we drafted a two column table - one column is for issue/focus area, the second column is for listing the activities we are doing.

Thanks in advance for your response.


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    I would recommend noting that you have over a 100 partners, listing a few, and perhaps offering to provide a full list on request.  The decision is yours of course how you want to use the up 1,000 words in your submission.

    If you are able to enter a table, you are welcome to, however the word included on the table will count towards the total word count.

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    Thank you, David for your helpful response. I have additional questions.

    1) In the instructions, there are 5 key bullets of what needs to be included (plus information regarding tracking data). Do you desire for applicants to following the order of the bullets?

    2) Also, do you desire for us to include the bullet/headings in the paper?


    Thanks so much!

  • Moderator   •   over 2 years ago

    It is easier for those reviewing your submission if they are in the same order, but as long as you address each of the five in your submission the order or the format it is fine. 

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