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Would they qualify?

This was a question we received by email - posting the question and response here.

Our organization has been planning related events, such as town halls and other public events leading up to the anniversary. Most of them will happen during August and one on July 30th. Would they qualify?


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    As long as the volunteer activities (and the volunteers clearly understand that the activities) are clearly linked to the 10th anniversary, then they would qualify.

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    Our organization is a small business that operates solely in the Lower Manhattan area. We employ several hundred individuals and have been a committed member of the lower manhattan community for several decades. We hope to sponsor a musical event that will bring numerous artists in to celebrate the rebuilding of the community, as well as a way to remember those who lost their lives on 9/11. The concert would consist of volunteer musicians, as well as volunteers to set up the concert. Assuming our organization could be speciifc about the number of volunteers, and the concert was held on or around 9/11, would we be eligible?

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