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Anniversary Challenge Questions

A couple questions regarding this challenge:

1.       If an organizations receives a grant in the amount of $10,000, is that an award for all three years combined or for 10K per year?

2.       What sort of participant numbers are you anticipating that Day of Service activities would engage? How many volunteers would you expect an organization receiving a $10,000 grant to engage?

Thank you.


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    Also-- regarding the levels-- will organizations be placed into specific categories and have to remain in those categories?  for example, if an organization anticipates a number of volunteers that places them in a $10,000 category, but is able to increase their volunteer numbers to win a $25,000 category, will they be allowed to move into the higher category or will they be restricted by the number of volunteers anticipated in the concept paper?

    Thank you for your help, and for this opportunity!

  • Moderator   •   over 2 years ago

    Sharilee G:

    Organizations will be placed in categories based on the numbers of volunteers they are able to engage, not their estimated number of volunteers.

  • Moderator   •   over 2 years ago

    Ben B:

    A $10,000 grant would be single grant to cover 3 years.

    Award categories will be determined by the submissions we receive, we have no pre-determined expectations.


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